"We believe your online presence should start with the right domain..."


The right domain tells the consumer what you do and it is memorable. We have the right domain for you.

Take the domain as an example. Simple, effective – you know what they do and where to find them.

For these and other reasons, domains have become valuable. The international domain trade is estimated at $1Bn per annum. The most expensive domain ever sold, was – it sold for a reported $49m. lists the top 250 domain sales ever. South Africa is catching on slowly, with premium domains selling for decent amounts:

Our domain services include:

  1. Sales – we own premium domains. We have sold more than 70 premium domains to South African businesses, with prices ranging from R 2500 – R 175 000.
  2. Brokering – If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will find it for you.
  3. Investing – we encourage South African investors to invest in domains. Domains have been commoditised and the local window of opportunity is pretty much open. We have developed a domain trading portal at

Services available at

  1. Learn more about domains & the domain trade
  2. Buy & sell domains
  3. Buy daily bargains from the "Bargain Bin"
  4. Have access to the “Drop List”. The Drop List is a list of domains that are about to expire – this means you can register these as new registrations at a nominal fee. The List is highly sought after and used to be available to a select few.

Registration on is free.