"Softinc’s strength lies in its understanding of the digital sphere..."


“Digital” comprises more than just Adwords & Facebook Promotions:

  1. Online presence and reputation must be optimised
  2. Right campaign for the right product
  3. Media Penetration
  4. Brand Exposure
  5. Landing page design
  6. Single call to action
  7. Value Proposal
  8. Close the deal

A successful digital campaign relies on three legs:

  1. Allure
  2. Engagement
  3. Conversion

The first leg is obviously the foundation of your campaign. Many digital companies lack this skill and you have to resort to advertising agencies to get campaign ideas. Our ideas are proprietary software driven and are unique and exclusive to us. Naturally we are not inclined to publish our digital ideas, but as a hint we can mention a digital scratch card and interactive games.

Secondly, you have to engage the consumer. Our secret tool is called SimiLead. SimiLead turns your entire sales force into a social media marketing team. Reach millions of consumers at the touch of a button, from a controlled environment. Content, CI and client interaction are all controlled by you. Apart from actual sales, massive Brand exposure is at your fingertips. And you only pay per sale . . .

Conversion can be telephonically or digitally, whichever the client opts for. Softinc caters for both, providing comprehensive lifecycle reporting.

Unprecedented holistic digital campaign management. Revolutionary, to say the least.